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Gyeon Q² Matte


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Q² Matte is the most advanced quartz coating designed specifically for matte finished paintwork. Its highly advanced, silicon dioxide (SiO2) based formula has been specially designed to provide full UV and chemical protection combined with great self-cleaning properties for matte paint.

The Q² Matte coating can be used on all matte and satin finished surfaces including paintwork, color changing film as well as PPF and carbon fibre. When using on a matte film, use more coating than typical – since most films are much more absorbent than paint.

The Q² Matte kit also includes our special hydrophobic spray-sealant/quartz detailer formulated for matte paints – Q²M Cure Matte along with all the required applicators and a product-specific user manual.

Typical Use: 30-50mL per car

Cured Hardness: 9H

pH Tolerance: pH 2-11

Thickness: 0.2 - 0.5µm

Durability: > 18 months / 30k kms