Q²M Bathe Essence


Gyeon Q²M Bathe Essence is a super concentrated shampoo where only 5mL of product is all that's needed in a typical 5 gal wash bucket. Even a single 400mL bottle is enough for 80 washes. Impressive cleaning power and the ability to remove dirt, grime and light organic contamination are combined with fantastic slickness and dense foam.

Q²M Bathe Essence is formulated without any added colors, scents or gloss magnifiers making it an excellent choice for cleaning ceramic coated cars. With its gentle cleaning power, it removes light organic surface contamination to restore the original hydrophobic properties of the coating. This pH neutral shampoo is completely safe on all finishes and coatings.

TIP: Do not over-use the product. As little as 5 ml will dilute to an effective shampoo.

Available Sizes: 400mL / 1000mL

Typical Usage: 5-8mL per car

pH: 6