Customer Q&A: Should I use ceramic coating on my wheels?

Customer Q&A: Should I use ceramic coating on my wheels?

March 21, 2019

Many customers fret over the decision to use a ceramic coating on wheels. They're concerned that high temperatures and corrosive brake dust will simply evaporate their investment in the coating.

We are strong advocates of using ceramic coatings on wheels for a few reasons:

  1. Ceramic coatings are the most durable paint sealant available. They are specifically designed to remain chemically resistant for YEARS, which is significantly longer than any natural wax or synthetic sealant. This means your wheels will remain resistant to corrosive brake dust, iron filings, road debris, and chemical cleaners for multiple driving seasons with only basic maintenance.

  2. Ceramic coatings make cleaning easier. Thanks to the slick, hydrophobic finish, coated wheels require less effort and agitation when washing to thoroughly remove the sitting contamination that can cause damage to the wheel paint.

  3. Ceramic coatings are thermally stable. Ceramic coating products like Ceramic Pro have been temperature tested, and is shown to remain stable at temperatures up to 1200⁰ C - far hotter than your wheels or calipers will ever reach. This means the coating won't simply 'boil off' under heavy use on the highway or track.

When is the right time to coat your wheels? Ideally when they are new. This ensures the paint finish has not yet seen any etching or staining damage from use - and it allows the ceramic coating to protect the as-new finish.

Once etching and staining defects have started to take root, it becomes a much more involved process to properly clean and/or polish the wheels to bring them back to their best condition. With some wheels, you will never be able to restore them to like-new condition. Satin and matte wheels cannot be polished without damaging the texture of the finish - and these non-gloss finishes tend to absorb brake dust and other road dirt most.

Using a ceramic coating for your wheels is an excellent, long-term investment in maintaining the appearance and finish of one of the most noticed areas of your car.

Enjoy the drive!