Paint Correction

Even brand new luxury and exotic cars can come from the factory with a significant number of paint surface imperfections. And certainly many classic and collectible cars have signs of ‘love marks’ from frequent washing and drying.

“Paint correction” is a term used to describe the intricate process of eliminating defects from a painted surface using polishing machines, liquid compounds and pads. Haziness, swirl marks, scratches and water spots can all be permanently removed from your car’s finish – leaving a perfectly glossy appearance and a significantly clearer reflection.

THE REFINERY offers professional paint correction services to restore the appearance of your vehicle’s finish, and also to establish the perfect surface to apply long-term protection products such as Paint Protection Film (PPF) and/or ceramic coatings.

Our technicians are experts on safe paint correction methods, and we use industry leading tools and products in our approach. The result is a gloss and reflectiveness that needs to be seen to be believed.


Services & Pricing:

One-Step Paint Correction: 

The One-Step Paint Correction is appropriate for newer cars with minor paint surface defects. With this service, we use our polishing machines with a fine polishing compound and pad. This service significantly enhances the gloss of the paint, and eliminates any minor scratches and haziness that came from the factory, the dealership and the first several washes. It’s the ideal surface preparation for Paint Protection Film and/or Ceramic Coatings which will lock in this perfect finish.

Two-Step Paint Correction: 

The Two-Step Paint Correction incorporates a more rigorous ‘compounding’ step over the entire vehicle prior to the finish polishing step. On newer cars, the Two-Step Paint Correction greatly helps improve the clarity of reflection over the entire vehicle. On older vehicles, this Two-Step process allows us to correct the more significant paint defects that come with age and exposure to the elements over time such as water spots, bird droppings, tree sap, finger nail scratches etc.

1.5-Step Paint Correction: 

The 1.5-Step Paint Correction utilizes the more rigorous compounding first step ONLY in areas that need more specific attention than the rest of the vehicle. On newer vehicles, we sometimes see specific panels that left the factory in worse condition than the rest of the car, so we will only apply a Two-Step approach to those panels as needed to make the entire car look uniformly perfect. On older vehicles, we can use this approach to address defects and damage that are isolated to only some panels or areas of the car.

Contact us for a consultation to determine the best approach for your vehicle.