Maintenance Washes and Cleaning


 Exterior Detailing - Maintenance Wash: 

THE REFINERY’s Exterior Maintenance Wash is a great periodic deep clean for your vehicle.

We’ll wash the car with a gentle pH neutral shampoo, and use the safest methods and products possible to ensure we’re not causing any ‘love marks’ or blemishes on your vehicle. We’ll clean all crevices around trim, wheel wells, wheel faces, barrels and tires, door, trunk and hood jambs, and we’ll condition all seals to keep them looking black and to protect them from cracking.

If desired, we’ll apply a premium top coat sealant that restores the hydrophobic properties of your paint / coating / film. For this application, an additional charge applies.

Others call this a “full exterior detail”, but to us it’s simply the correct way to wash.


Post Track-Event Detailing: 

We agree - sports cars are rolling objects of art, and they are meant to be driven! There's no better place to experience their full performance capabilities than at the track.

But a day of high speeds, hard cornering, tight following and passing can take a toll on your car's exterior surfaces.

THE REFINERY's Post Track-Day Clean Up is like our Maintenance Wash service - but amplified. We dedicate more time and effort to undo the unique impacts of track use. We use a more focused chemical decontamination process to remove rubber marks, bug splatter, and other debris marks from the painted surfaces and windshield glass. Rubber and other debris is removed from air scoops and vent openings. The wheels are also treated to remove the large amounts of brake dust and embedded rubber marbles.

After the Post Track-Day Clean Up, you'll be ready again to show off the beauty of your race car on the streets again - until the next driving event!

And pair this service up with the Interior Clean Up to really feel back to normal, since many driving events require open windows while on track. Have a look in the back seat area to see how much dust and debris has accumulated from your on-track fun.


Interior Detailing: 

We know you probably spend more time looking at the interior cabin of the car vs the exterior. THE REFINERY's Interior Clean Up focuses the attention on the passenger environment.

We'll vacuum the carpets, polish the glass, and treat all leather surfaces with the highest quality products in the industry. All vinyl and plastic surfaces will be cleaned and dressed to a natural looking finish.

The Interior Clean Up is a great finishing touch to complement our exterior care packages. If yours is a new vehicle, consider a Ceramic Pro interior treatment package to give maximum protection against spills, stains and dye transfer from clothing (see the Ceramic Coatings page).

Note: please speak with us about any other more specialized needs, such as machine polishing interior carbon fiber trim, or the replacement of damaged or missing trim components. We have a passion for this restorative work.


Engine Bay Detailing:

Many enthusiasts love gazing at the mechanical beauty of a clean engine bay. Matte black hoses, gleaming metal fasteners and carbon fiber, and jet black plastics and covers.

We'll clean and dress all plastics and hoses, condition seals and rubber, and wash the underside of the hood too.