XPEL Paint Protection Film

Whether you’re about to take possession of a new all-season daily driver or you have a dedicated track-weapon, paint protection film is the ultimate barrier between your car’s paint finish and the elements.

Nothing else protects against stone chips, road salt, track debris, scratches and scuffs like a paint protection film. Water spots, bird droppings, bugs, tree sap and branches will never touch your car’s paint – allowing it to stay pristine beneath the film for years to come.

Premium paint protection films have incredible clarity and paint-like texture making it nearly impossible to see on your car’s paint. And that’s precisely the goal.

Film can be treated just like any original paint finish. Regular washing with a mild car wash soap and soft wash mitt are all that’s needed to keep it looking and performing great. And to make maintenance even easier, many choose to apply a ceramic coating to the film to keep the gloss and water-beading properties strong for years.

Packages & Pricing:

Front End PPF Protection: Pricing varies by application. Please call for a quote.

The front end of the car receives the most abuse from road debris and airborne matter. To protect the most vulnerable sections of your car, we’ll apply paint protection film to the full hood, front quarter panels, front bumper, and side mirrors.

NOTE: coverage for other individual panels can be priced individually

Whole Vehicle PPF Protection: Pricing varies by application. Please call for a quote.

We’ll apply PPF to all painted surfaces to give maximum protection from all directions. This is an excellent option for vehicles that see track use, or for daily driven cars that see intense winter use.