The Refinery's Ceramic Coating Services

The Refinery's Advanced Ceramic coatingThe Refinery's Advanced Ceramic coating

Ceramic coatings are the latest advancement in paint sealing and protection products.

Most people are familiar with the 3 key roles of a traditional car wax:

  1. To improve the gloss of the paint
  2. To protect the paint finish from water, dirt and other contaminants from settling on and permanently damaging the surface
  3. To make washing and drying faster and easier due to the wax’s slickness and hydrophobic characteristics

Ceramic coatings have been engineered at the molecular level to improve on all of those characteristics and deliver radically improved longevity.

Classic natural carnauba car waxes generally protect a vehicle’s paint for 2-4 months before it needs to be reapplied to maintain protection. Modern over-the-counter polymer & synthetic car sealants improved on that by delivering to 4-8 months of protection.

Ceramic coatings deliver the amazing clarity and gloss of a natural carnauba wax, but can also deliver consistent water-beading and chemical protection characteristics for several years. Due to the hardness of the cured coating, ceramics also reduce the incidence of scuffing and scratching that comes over time from washing and drying cycles.

These coatings are so well regarded that some coatings come with multi-year performance warranties from the manufacturers.

NOTE: Because of the “semi-permanence” of these products, we highly recommend performing paint correction prior to the application of a ceramic coating so you can seal in a perfect finish without any scuffs, scratches or haziness.

THE REFINERY is proud to now offer it's own ultra-premium brand of ceramic coatings called THE REFINERY's Advanced Ceramic system - in addition to other top-tier brands such as XPEL and Gyeon. Please contact us to discuss which ceramic coating solution is best for your needs.

The Refinery's Advanced Ceramic coating system

Ceramic Coating Packages:

All ceramic coating packages include exterior coverage on:

  • Painted (or PPF covered) surfaces
  • Glass + windows
  • Wheel faces and spokes
  • Exhaust tips and other metal/chrome
  • Headlights, taillights and other hard exterior plastics

THE REFINERY's Advanced Ceramic coating application includes:

  • 1 layer of Advanced Ceramic BASE COAT (can add up to 3 layers)
  • 1 layer of Advanced Ceramic GLOSS COAT top coat

Application of other brands such as XPEL Fusion Plus and Gyeon Mohs vary by product.

Pricing: Pricing is based on vehicle size and options selected. Please contact us to help prepare a ceramic coating plan and a quote.


* Paint correction is additional but is not mandatory. However, it is highly recommended prior to applying any semi-permanent surface coating. Without, you will be sealing in any existing scratches and imperfections for the life of the protective ceramic coating.


Other Specialty Coating Packages:

Wheel Protection:
Wheels are removed from the car, cleaned and coated. Includes wheel faces and wheel barrels. Compatible with gloss, satin and matte wheel finishes.

    • 1 layer of ceramic wheel coating
    • Price: please contact us for a quote

The Refinery ceramic wheel coatingThe Refinery ceramic wheel coating


    Interior Protection:
    Enjoy the legendary protection of a ceramic coating for your interior leather and fabrics and receive the most powerful spill and stain resistance available. Ideal for light interior colors that show signs of dye transfer from jeans and other clothing.

      • 1 coat of ceramic leather coating on all leather seating surfaces
      • 1 coat of ceramic fabric coating on carpets and fabric panels
      • Price: please contact us for a quote
    The Refinery's Advanced Ceramic Coating


      Convertible Soft-Top Protection:
      Have The Refinery restore the hydrophobic and dirt-repellant properties of your convertible soft top using a premium ceramic fabric coating. We will clean, dry and apply the coating to your fabric roof.

        • 1 coat of ceramic fabric coating
        • Price: please contact us for a quote
      Convertible roof ceramic coating