THE REFINERY's Advanced Ceramic LEATHER COAT (Antimicrobial)


THE REFINERY's Advanced Ceramic LEATHER COAT w/ patented antimicrobial technology provides excellent protection for your leather surfaces against dye transfer, spills, food stains and other interior damage.

It creates an invisible hydrophobic layer that does not change the look or feel of your leather, but causes liquids to roll off the surface and makes clothing dye transfer and food spills easy to clean off.

The antimicrobial ingredient disrupts bacteria from growing, producing energy or replicating - ensuring the bacteria cannot live on the treated surfaces. It has been proven in standardized laboratory testing to reduce the most common and dangerous bacterial presence by over 99%, making your leather surfaces safer for you and your passengers. 

THE REFINERY's Advanced Ceramic LEATHER COAT offers:

  • Invisible protection from spills, stains, and dye transfer
  • Hydrophobic barrier that does not change the look or feel of your leather
  • Antimicrobial protection against bacteria and other germs

THE REFINERY's Advanced Ceramic LEATHER COAT is available in a 255mL spray-trigger bottle, and is best applied using a small microfiber applicator.