THE REFINERY - Wash & Rinse Buckets (pair)


THE REFINERY - Wash & Rinse Buckets (pair) is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

The "two bucket method" is an essential part of anyone's car washing process. By keeping one bucket dedicated to clean soapy water (ie the WASH bucket) and the other for rinsing off your wash mitt after each pass (ie the RINSE bucket), you will dramatically reduce the number of swirl marks and "love marks" created during regular washes.

At The Refinery, we use both bucket color and clear attractive labels to make the purpose of each bucket obvious. And by teaming up the RINSE bucket with a Dirt Lock bucket insert, you will keep the rinsed off dirt where it belongs - at the bottom of the bucket away from your wash mitt and car.

NOTE: These buckets are priced per pair.


The Two Bucket Car Wash Method:

  1. Fill the WASH bucket with clean water, and add your favorite car wash soap.
  2. Fill the RINSE bucket with clean water, and insert the Dirt Lock screen at the bottom.
  3. After washing each panel with your wash mitt, dunk and spin the dirty mitt in the RINSE bucket and gently wring it out into the RINSE bucket.
  4. Dunk the rinsed mitt into the WASH bucket to reload it with clean, soapy water.
  5. Repeat until done.