Gyeon Q²M Glass


Gyeon Q²M Glass is the ultimate glass cleaner for fast, effortless and effective cleaning of all automotive glass surfaces. It removes oily residue and instantly leaves a streak free finish without affecting previously applied rain repellents. A pleasant smell adds to the superb qualities of the product.

Gyeon Glass is our favorite glass cleaner at THE REFINERY. Used with a short-nap microfiber cloth, it gives amazing streak-free results. 

Tip: Spray Gyeon Q²M Glass on your cloth/towel rather than directly on glass. It's also safe for use on plexi or polycarbonate windows as well as on LCD screens or monitors.

We like it so much, we also use it for our office glass walls too!

Available Sizes: 500mL / 1000mL

Typical Use: 40mL / car