Gyeon Tar


Vehicles collect large amounts of tar and asphalt contamination during everyday use. Gyeon Tar is not only a highly effective tar and grease remover, but it dissolves other organic contaminants effectively. It's also an effective way to remove race-rubber marks from track days.

On most paints, the use of a clay bar to remove embedded contaminants can result in marring. Most contamination can be dissolved by combined usage of Gyeon Tar and Gyeon Iron, this product is also a great help in the maintenance of cars with paint correction done in the past. It allows you to remove pollution without leaving marring or scratches that otherwise would have to be removed by polishing.

Unlike most tar removers, Gyeon Tar does not affect any exterior surfaces and is bodywork safe. It can be used on paint, glass, plastic trim, both painted and unpainted. Because it is pH neutral, it can also be used to remove tar spots from bare polished wheel lips.

Tip: Prepare a bucket with hot water and use a soaked microfiber wash mitt or cloth to remove contamination more effectively. Wash the car once work is completed.

Available Sizes: 500mL, 1000mL

Typical Use: 10mL per car

pH Neutral: Yes