The Refinery's Ultrasoft Detailing Brush


The Refinery's Ultrasoft Detailing Brush is the softest brush you'll find anywhere. Its safe for use on even the most delicate surfaces and materials.

The tapered bristles are extraordinarily plush - yet durable enough to use wet or dry. The plastic handle ensures you won't accidently scratch any surfaces when reaching into crevices, and neither the bristles nor handles will be damaged by water or cleaning chemicals.

At The Refinery we like the short-handled (Green) brush most for interior use, where it is maneuverable and excellent at dusting crevices, vent slats, screen edges and other delicate surfaces. Even around delicate "piano black" gloss trim.

We love the longer-handled (Black) brush most for exterior purposes such as washing around intricate emblems, door/window trim, wheel lug nuts and other trim. We typically use it with our wash water, but we also spray the bristles with stronger all-purpose cleaner when we need more detergent strength for stubborn grime.

 These are without question the HIGHEST QUALITY detailing brushes we have ever used!